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Related article: Date: Tue, 2 May 2006 15:01:47 -0400From: emil bertugli Subject: Drew's Biker BitchAll Nymphet Lolita usual warnings apply.If offended by gay sex or underage sex.PLEASELEAVE NOW!!!!!!! ! For those of you who have read my other works,youknow Drew is my 18 year old friend who loves to ravage my ass,and makeme have sex with all his friends.He's five foot five,125 pounds,blondeand blue,and just won our states wrestling championship for smallschools at his weight.Drew just wheeled and dialed for a brand newmotorcycle.Saturday,being an awesome weather day,Drew called early inthe morning,asking if I wanted to go riding.I agreed,feelinghorny,and knowing he'dwant to fuck me several times,as well as spitting his seed down mythroat.He rode his new bike over to pick me up,saying hi to the rest ofmy family.My mom said"You're sure lucky to have Drew as yourfriend."Drew said"I'm sure glad we met.I've never had a friend likeyou're son.He really is a joy to be around."Mom smiled,not knowing Drewmeant he loved fucking me,and sharing him with his friends.We starteddriving,and Drew was a natural bike rider,and I sat behind him.Istarted stoking his crotch rocket,but he asked me"If you can,waitabout 15 minutes,I got some plans for you."I could hardly wait.Drewfinally stopped at a cabin,surrounded by several other motorcycles.I nowknew what my friend and lover had in mind,sharing his personalcumbucket with his biker buddies.We walked inside the cabin,and Drewmade all the introductions,saying this was the junior Harley ridersclub,members must be between 15 and 21,when you hit 21,your retired.Ilooked around,noting most of the dudes were hot as hell.Aaron,evidentlyone of the club's current leaders,asked Drew,"Is this the cumslut youtold us about?"Drew grinned and nodded affirmatively.Aaron smiled,saying"I hope your as good at sucking and fucking as Drew told us, we lovefresh new meat."Drew said,'Watch this,Aaron,Hey boy get naked."Idid,and the other 15 guys were checking me out,rubbing my body,tellingDrew how hot I looked.Drew got naked,telling me"You know the drill,geton all fours."I did,knowing he was going to fuck me deep and hardfor his biker buds.I relaxed my ass,as Drew Nymphet Lolita fingered me,eating my tighthole.Drew asked"You ready to be my biker bitch,and fuck me and myfriends,babe?"I just moaned as he shoved his fist up my hole.He thenpulled his hand outta my ass,mounted me,and grabbed my hair,pulling myhead back,and shoving his pole deep up my quaking ass.As usual,Drewinsisted on going first,so he could make sure none got too rough withhis fuckboy.I noticed the other biker dudes were getting naked,inanticipation of spilling the seed of there dick in or on me.Drew lovedfucking me,and also loved sharing me with his friends.Drew tensedup,saying get ready,I want you to take my seed up your ass,andunloaded 5 volcanic sized loads in my ass.Drew then knelt in frontof me,telling me to clean off his dick,slapping it against my face.Iswallowed it whole,watching his hips thrust ,as Aaron took his turn atmy butt.Drew was moaning in no time,as I knew he would,loving the waymy nose hit his pubes.Aaron said"Damn,this is good pussy,he can takeall of me."Aaron started fucking me deep andhard.moaning,tensing up.His balls were slapping up into my ass,Drewstarted grunting and I knew he was going to fill my mouth soon.Aarontold me to get ready,because he was going to spit.Drew let lose allover my face.Freaky(the only name we knew him by)had a five inch dickthat curved right,and only one nut,offered me his dick.Aaron's brotherLuke got behind me and gave me the fucking of my life.The remainder ofthe15 guys took there turns at me,some wanting bjs,others wanting tofuck me,some wanting both.Drew looked down at me,saying "We savedJason and Jeremy for last.Hope you don't mind"I didn't know eitherdude,but knew they were 17,and heard they were super hung.I toldDrew,"What are we waiting for,you know I want them."Jason walkedover,grabbed my ears,and asked"think you can handle this,fag-boy?"Andhe started slapping my face with a ruler sized boner.Jeremy stood nextto Jason,with an equally large fuckpole.They knew-I was putty in they'rehands.I was begging for cock.Jason grabbed my head,sliding his rod downmy hungry mouth,while Jeremy grabbed my hips,fucking me like amadman.after they shot Nymphet Lolita they're seed in me,they pulled out and laid onthe floor next to me.Jeremy,the more aggressive of the two,said"I bet hecan take both our cocks up his sweet mouth."It took somemaneuvering,but I managed to blow both of Nymphet Lolita them at the same time.Theyboth seemed to enjoy it,I know I did.When they shot down mythroat,everybody paired off,and of course Drew sought me out inorder to fuck me again.He said,"Babe,did you Nymphet Lolita like that?"I said"fuckyes!"He asked if I wanted him to fuck me again.I replied you knowit!He shoved me down on my stomach,and gave me his pole.He waskissing,licking,and biting my neck as he fucked me with long hard deepstrokes.Just as he was tensing up to fill my ass with his seed,ourrooms door flew open,and a good looking Hispanic dude swaggeredin."Hey,drew,that the cum bitch everybody's talking about?"Drewgrins,saying,"Yes Juan,that's my bitch,you want some?"Juan didn'tanswer,he just got naked,slapping his well hung dick across my face.Igot on my knees,and started sucking my new friend.Drew grabbed myhead,starting to shove it up on Juans big dick,saying "Come onhoney,give Juan a good hummer."I was trying,but I couldn't get it all inmy mouth.Juan finally pushed me on the floor,Drew pinned down myshoulders,and Juan kept ramming my throat till I felt his pubesagainst my lips|!Juan was fucking my throat,I could feel his cockedgoing down past my tonsils,feeling like it was going to come out myass.Drew was urging him on,saying"Come on Juan fuck his mouthgood.I'm getting into you fucking my bitches mouth."Juan kept ridingmy mouth,moaning,telling me how good I suckeddick.Suddenly,instinctively,I knew to get ready to startswallowing.Juan flooded my mouth,no way I could get it all.Drew thenrolled me over,offering my ass to big Juan,who rode me hard,put me awaywet.After Juan spent his second load,he told me I was as good as hewas told,and he wanted to do me again sometime.Drew kissed me,tastingJuan's sweet load in my mouth,saying lets get you home so you can restup for me later.That sounded good to me.at least until we got tomyhouse.Drew dismounted his bike,walked across the alley where Tyler,my17 year old stud muffin was out shooting baskets.Tyler's eyes lite upas they walked across the street.Tyler looks me over,saying looks likethere's not-much of you that doesn't have cum on it.Drew told me Tylerhadn't had sex for a while and could I help him out.I said sure.So,wewent into Tyler's basement,and Tyler and I got naked.Drew said,"ThinkI'm just going to watch this time thru."So I then proceeded to suckTyler's sweet rod dry in no time.Tyler then proceeded to get on hisback,spread his legs wide open,and begged me to ride his tight butthole.I fucked him like there was no tomorrow,finally sharing my seedwith him.Tyler was hard again by now,so Drew suggested Tyler take myass.And man,did he ever.I saw stars while he rode me.Just as he losthis load,we heard his mom pull into the driveway.We hurriedly gotdressed,Drew having to hook up with his mom and dad to go out of townfor a few days,said his goodbyes,and Tyler and I made plans to meetSaturday morning.Tyler's mom went to get her hair done earlySaturday,then went to brunch with her friends,then went groceryshopping,so she'd be gone most of the morning,and his dad left to meetup with a lady that he worked with,neither one would be back beforenoon,so we'd have some free time.Tyler calls me at seven am,telling mehis dad was getting dressed and would be out the door in five minutesor so.I threw on a t-shirt,and some jeans,and walked across thestreet.The dad was pulling out the driveway,I walked in the house,up toTyler's room,where my fuck-buddy was already pulling off his clothes.Westarted kissing,Tyler unbuttoning my jeans,unzipping them,and throwingthem on a pile on the floor.I hurriedly got rid of my t-shirt,andTyler and I got in a 69.We were moaning and sucking,fingering eachothers butts.My head was towards the door,and saw Ty's brotherMalcolm,walk thru the door.Malcolm unexpectedly came home from theMarine Corps on leave.Malcolm,five foot 9,160lbs,brown andbrown,walks towards the bed and was bulging under his Marineuniform.Malcolm Nymphet Lolita said,"WE ell,well,my little bro turned out to be afagboy."Malcolm got naked,and lubed up Tyler's ass,and his 9 inchdick,and starts sliding his dick into Tyler's hot ass.It was sohot,watching Malcolm's thick,long,veiny cock and balls,inches from myface,pounding Tyler's butt.Tyler drained his load first..Malcom wasmoaning,as I slide a finger up Malcolm's ass,while Tyler startedfingering my hole.I shot my seed all over Ty's face.Malcom,still hardand stretching Tyler's butt,tensed up and filled his brothersass.Tyler asked Malcolm,"What brings you home?You Nymphet Lolita didn't tell us?"Malcolmsaid"Just decided to take a week off."Tyler"Thought you werestraight,bro?"Malcolm"Well,you go without pussy as long as we do,yougotta help other guys out.I noticed Malcolm was getting hardagain,and he was checking out my ass.I spread my legs,and Malcolm fuckedme with long hard strokes.Tyler straddled my face,and fed me hisboner.We kept fucking and sucking each other-till 11am,when we thoughtwe'd better quit Nymphet Lolita before the rents got back home,making plans to gotothe drive in that evening.We rode to the drivein in Malcolm's van.Enroute,we made a stop at Billy's to pick him up.Billy,for those notfamilliar with my other works,is the 103 lb wrestler for the localhigh school,and is a bigger slut pig than me,if that's possible.Wegot to the drive in movie place,and as soon as it got dark,we allfour got in the back of Malcolm's van,not too worried about seeingthe movie.Malcolm's van had 2 beds in the back,a tv-vcr,and abathroom.Tyler seemed to be in charge,and he got us all naked.He toldme to get on the bed on my back,Billy to get into a 69 with me,andfor Malcolm to fuck Billy's tight,small hole.While we all gotpositioned,all three primed for sex,Tyler started stripping.It was sohot,Billy sucking me,me blowing him,and Nymphet Lolita Malcolm thrusting deep andhard in Billy's ass,the precum from Malcom's dick sliding out ofBill's ass down over my face.In the mean time,I felt Tyler starting toenter my ass with his boner.I know it was such a turn on watchingMalcolm's dick speed fuck Billy's tight Nymphet Lolita young hole,I knew Billy lovedwatching Tyler ram his joy stick in me,cause Billy started suckingfaster.Malcolm shot his load in Billys ass,the excess Nymphet Lolita flowing down onmy face,Billy shooting his seed down my throat,then me in BIllysmouth.Malcolm and BIlly then watched Tyler shoot his load up my willingass.We spent the time untill they came over the loudspeaker saying 10minutes till the concession stand closes,fucking,sucking,rimming,andhand jobs to one another.Malcolm said you three should come visit me atmarine camp.I can get you all kinds of hot marine cock.Billy said"Really?"Malcom answered,"Hell ya,18 year old dudes going thru basictraining,not allowed off the campgrounds get awful fucking horny,andwill shoot they're loads anyhow,anyway."If you guys want to hear howour visit with Malcolm went,please email bab1alltel.net.Thanks
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